The Secret to Cinematic Video


for the RC-N1 Controller
The Secret to Cinematic Video


for the DJI RC Controller
Pocket 2 Range

Unleash your
Pocket 2

Cases and 4th axis Stabilizers
The Secret to Cinematic Video


for the DJI RC Pro Controller

Mini 3 Pro

Enhance your flying.

Scotty Makes Stuff

The team at Scotty Makes Stuff have designed and manufactured our own range of innovative accessories for drones & cameras, ranging from our super popular drone CineSticks to our accessories for the tiny DJI Pocket 2 up to full pro film rigs using the DJI Ronin S2 . At Scotty Makes Stuff, our main focus has always been in empowering our customers with the tools to capture their cinematic visions.

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Unleash your Drone
Resistive joysticks that give you the smooth control that standard little joysticks just aren't capable of.
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Complete your Mini 3
Mini 3 Accessories
Essential accessories to enhance your flying experience.
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Complete your Mavic 3
Mavic 3 Accessories
Accessories designed to enhance your flying experience.
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Introducing the
Step into the pilot seat and elevate the whole flight experience
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Pocket 2 Accessories
Unleash Your Pocket 2
A range of our innovative Pocket accessories to protect and improve the whole experience
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Best Value 4th Axis
AirFlo M Range
Compact and lightweight but built tough to take day to day use while still giving excellent smoothing
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Wow. Quite impressed with these sticks.
They really do facilitate smoother, more cinematic footage!
Smoother dollies and orbits are a snap
Best upgrade I’ve purchased yet 👌

Chad L
Moose Jaw, Canada

Nice design
Good quality
Love it so much
Ordered the creators case & pro case
Thank you so much!!!

Kevin T
Brooklyn, NY

Phenomenal product, works amazing. It fixes that anoying up and down motion. I got the combo with the case and phone mount. It had a bit of a learning curve but it was defenly worth it!

Lucas J
Santa Paula, CA

A game changer as far as drone control is concerned. Smooth turns and and great control producing excellent footage.

Greg C
QLD, Australia

I got home, set it up in a couple of minutes, and started running around with it.   This thing is THE NUTS!!!! WOW!!!   It takes seconds to get used to, and the stabilization is RIDICULOUS!!!   Well over 80%???   100%, so far.   You should be VERY proud!

Chuba U
London, UK

The AitFlo M Uno plus is … ridiculous.
In the meaning that it does a ridiculous great job in stabilizing the z-axis ov videos with a moving camera. Like an unbelievable good job.

Lars K
Köln, Germany

I loved your original Cinestick for my Air 2S and after using these a couple of weeks I think you may have outdone yourself. The knobs are perfect for thumbing too. Well done!

Paul G
Bristol, UK

I love this product, made the value of my shots so much more. It feels like its made on a bigger more professional system. Takes out the stepping wobbles, making it superb

Richárd P
Budapest, Hungary

Thanks! Cinesticks really improve possibility to fly smooth and make amazing videos!

Claudio B
Cairo Montenotte , Italy

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