About Us

Tempus4 Pty Ltd (trading as Scotty Makes Stuff)

Tempus4 was established in 2010 as a product design company and since 2017 has been making our own custom designed products under the popular 'Scotty Makes Stuff' brand, exporting our Australian Made products all around the world.

Scotty McPherson (Owner)

The saying "Necessity is the mother of all invention", rings true for me. I can't

help myself, I've always been driven to find truly functional solutions to stuff that doesn't work the way I want it to. I guess you can call me a natural born inventor :D

I'm a qualified product designer, videographer and machinist. I’m also an electronic tinkerer, programmer, material scientist and woodworker... you could say I'm handy, plus I love making stuff!

Working in beautiful sunny Australia I really do love designing with a passion! The idyllic outdoors and my work gives me so much satisfaction in life, and I love sharing my love of design with others!


Scotty Makes Stuff

6-8 Albert Lane

Taree NSW 2430


Customer Service:

Ph. + 61 2 6500 4760

Email: customerservice@scottymakesstuff.com