Ronin-S or Crane 2?

That's an interesting question. 
In my mind they're the two best handheld gimbals on the market.
I've seen test footage from the Ronin-S and I don't think it looks any different to what the Crane 2 can achieve.

The Crane 2 is a great gimbal but it does have some issues but none of them stop it from being great.
The Ronin S on paper is an awesome gimbal with arguably more to offer. But, having great specs doesn't mean it's a great gimbal.
It is unproven but DJI make far more hits than misses so it'll most likely be a hit.

Once we get our hands on one we'll be making a custom adaptor to fit it to our 4th Axis Pro 2 and if there's a new remote we'll be building a custom handle for that too.

When I look at the Ronin-S I see a lot more possibilities such as remote gimbal for jib work or removing the handle for more compact form factor and vehicle mounting with external power. There's a deep ecosystem of compatible accessories too.
I think the DJI thumb controller will likely work with the Ronin-S and if not I reckon there'll soon be a remote built for it.

But if the extensibility of the Ronin isn't so important to you then take our Pro 2 and the Crane 2 with its servo follow focus and the remote on our handle and you may well have all the gimbal you need.

Whatever choice you make, you can rest assured that we'll be supporting both systems.

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