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CineSticks to Cup Mount Adapter Pair

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The Anodised Alloy CineSticks to Cup Mount Adapter (sold as a pair) takes the CineSticks (based on the current DJI 4mm screw in bolt joystick mounts) and connects them to the previous cup style mounts that have an internal M6x0.75mm thread such as Mavic 2 series and Mini 1.

Note: These come included as standard with CineStick R2.

Current DJI M4 screw type joystick - Cinesticks directly replace this type of Joystick Previous DJI Cup style internal M6x0.75 Thread that requires the cup mount adapter to work with the CineSticks - as above


How to use

To attach the Cup Mount Adapter, first remove the current cup style joysticks. Take the end of the cup mount adapter with the larger opening, and screw it down with your fingers until it's firmly on.

To attach the CineSticks, first, make sure that the bolt is fully unscrewed with the 4mm bolt protruding - Just pinch the neck of the silicone rubber and unscrew (counter-clockwise) the stick until you get to the end stop. Then pinch the rubber neck and screw (clockwise) into the joystick threaded hole until it stops turning. At this point just continue screw it (clockwise) until you get to your desired resistance.

To increase the firmness/resistance, you just screw down the joystick. To soften/decrease the resistance, pinch the neck of the silicone rubber and unscrew the stick. You will need to pull the rubber up so there's no gap between the rubber cap and the stick.

To Remove the CineSticks, just pinch the neck of the silicone rubber and unscrew the rubber a few times to remove it.



There are undoubtedly more compatible controllers than the following list. These are just the controllers we've tested so far.

Compatible with Cup Mount Adapter;

Mavic Mini 1,   Mavic Air, Mavic 2 Pro (standard controller), Mavic 2 Pro with Smart Controller (this controller has come with both attachment types so check your sticks to be sure), Mavic 2 Zoom.

For all other controllers, please refer to the info above to see if the controller you have has the unscrewable joysticks as described.

For the Phantom, Inspire and Matrice controllers, we are working towards solutions for them too, but that will take a number of weeks before we have finalised and fully tested the designs.


CineSticks Instruction Sheet




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